• Personal Development Martial Arts

    For Children 5 - 12yrs.

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    Personal Development Martial Arts for Children

    Warrior Kids

    Self Control - Self Regulation - Social Skills - Assertiveness

    Mindfulness - Emotional Awareness - Conflict Resolution - Fun

    The renowned child centered Martial Arts Class where the focus is on personal development. Warrior Kids is a high impact, full on, non-stop adventure for all children, involving games and challenges where children become champions of life.

    Warrior Kids was created in 1994 by Tim Tipene who went on to provide it to communities and schools for over 23 years, changing the lives of thousands of children and their families.


    Warrior Kids is now being taught in communities and schools nationally and internationally. Look out for Warrior Kids near you.


    A teenage and adult version is also available. Visit PeaceMasters.

  • Books

    Warrior Kids for the Home, Classroom and Community.

    Warrior Kids, Tim Tipene

    Warrior Kids:

    Warrior Training for Children

    by Tim Tipene
    Published 2009 by Libro International
    ISBN 978-1-877514-22-7
    Ebook ISBN 978-1-877514-41-8

    Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children features the complete ten sessions of the in-school programme in a format that anyone can apply to their own work with young people. Bring Warrior Kids to your Community!

    Warrior Kids is a pioneering programme that over the past 23 years has empowered thousands of children across New Zealand, many of them from challenged backgrounds. Focusing on bringing out the warrior within, the programme draws upon Maori concepts of the warrior and Eastern martial arts in a non-aggressive way designed to instill confidence, respect and self-control, leading children to become masters of their lives.

    Through this manual Warrior Kids is now being taught nationally and internationally. Buy Now!

    Bullies and Warriors, Tim Tipene

    Bullies and Warriors

    by Tim Tipene
    This edition published 2012 by Oratia Books,

    ISBN 978-1-877514-14-2, Ebook ISBN 978-1-877514-37-1
    First published 2006 as Warrior Kids by Reed Publishing,

    ISBN 1-86-948425-8

    In this revised novel, first published as Warrior Kids in 2006, Tim Tipene depicts the reality of bullying - and strategies to address it - for children on both sides of the problem.

    Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him.
    Then the students join Warrior Kids, a program that teaches leadership and self control. So begins a journey for Mark and Sean that has a predictable outcome for one boy and a surprise for the other.
    Bullies and Warriors is suitable for all ages 8 years and older. Buy Now!

    Taming the Taniwha, Tim Tipene

    More books by Tim Tipene

    For more books by the Award Winning Author visit www.timtipene.com


  • Events

    Tim Tipene

    Inspirational Speaker

    Sharing the Warrior Kids message

    Tim is a renowned speaker. He shares his inspirational story of breaking the cycle of abuse and violence and becoming an Award Winning Author and Community Hero with audiences, both young and old, throughout New Zealand.

    Tim visits schools with Duffy Books in Homes, Storylines, the NZ Book Council and Getting Kids into Books. Tim was a speaker at the 2017 Auckland Writers Festival and was a part of the Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team in 2016.

    To have Tim speak at your school or event
    phone Rosemary on
    +64 21 840 898

    Tim Tipene

    Warrior Kids Workshops

    Open to Parents and Caregivers

    Interactive Warrior Kids workshops for children with Tim Tipene.

    The titles of the 90 minute workshops include: Social Skills, Healthy Happy Anger, Assertiveness, Personal Safety, Mission Control and Action Station.


    Warrior Kids Instructor training workshops are also available for adults.

    Booking is essential as Workshop numbers are limited and classes fill up fast.


    Visit Tim's Website


  • Videos

    Informative and helpful videos

    TVNZ talk Warrior Kids

    Warrior Kids Founder Tim Tipene talks Warrior Kids on TVNZ's Good Morning, 16 November 2011.

    Where the idea came from

    Award winning community hero, Tim Tipene, explains where the idea for Warrior Kids came from. 2015.

    Warrior Kids Philosophy

    Tim Tipene, describes the philosophy of his programme for children. 2015.

    Warrior Kids are Safe Kids

    This episode features the First Lower, brain exercises and much more. 2014.

    Forward Roll

    This episode of Warrior Kids features forward rolls and breathing.

  • Founder

    Founder of Warrior Kids & PeaceMasters, Award Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker

    Tim Tipene

    Tim Tipene

    Ngati Kuri/Ngati Whatua

    A survivor of a violent and abusive childhood Tim broke the cycle and became a leader in the field of personal development and stopping violence. He is highly regarded for his work in the community through Warrior Kids and for his Award Winning books that deal with social and environmental issues.


    Tim is a teacher of Personal Development Martial Arts.

    Tim started martial arts at the age of 12 and over 30 years accumulated a multiple of Black Belt Dan ranks and various teaching titles.

    In 1994 Tim created the Warrior Kids programme and went on to provide it to communities and schools for over 20 years, changing the lives of thousands of children and their families.

    Warrior Kids is now being taught nationally and internationally.

    • Tim was awarded a Kiwibank Local Hero Medal in 2014 in recognition of his contribution to the lives of others.
    • In 2013 Tim was inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

    Tim now teaches Warrior Kids Martial Arts classes for children and PeaceMasters Martial Arts classes for teenagers and adults.


    Further Experience

    Tim is a trained counsellor with a graduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.


    Tim has worked in the security industry, has been a self-defence instructor for women, an advocate for intellectually challenged adults and a facilitator of Anger Management and Living Without Violence programmes for men.


    Tim has featured on television, radio and in various publications.


    From 2010 to 2015 Tim was an active board member of the The Storylines Children's Literature Charitable Trust.


    To have Tim speak at your school or event
    phone Rosemary on
    +64 21 840 898


    Visit Tim's website