• Changing lives since 1994


  • In 1994 Tim Tipene founded Warrior Kids, a programme of Self Control and Social Skills for children and teenagers.

    For 28 years Tim ran the Warrior Kids programme and weekly classes in schools and communities, changing the lives of thousands of young people and their families.

    Tim Tipene Warrior Kids

    'You only need to look at my life, 

    where I've come from, the changes I've made, the accomplishments,

    and you can see the effectiveness of Warrior Kids.'

    - Tim Tipene

  • The Warrior Kids Programme supports and empowers children, teens and their families with...,

    Self Control - Social Skills - Self Regulation - Assertiveness - Resilience - Mindfulness -

    Emotional Skills - Conflict Resolution - Self Protection - Martial Art Skills - Fun

    New Zealand Actor Teuila Blakely talks Warrior Kids, 2019

    Focusing on bringing out the warrior within, Warrior Kids draws upon Māori warrior concepts and Eastern martial arts in a non-aggressive way designed to instil confidence, respect and self-control, leading students to become masters of their lives.

    Warrior Kids Tim Tipene

    The renowned child centered class where the focus is on personal development. Warrior Kids is a high impact, full on, non-stop adventure for children and teens, involving games and challenges where students become champions of life.

    Students learn in a nurturing and therapeutic environment, while also being challenged. There are times of sharing and reflection, times of practicing breathing and mindfulness exercises, times of exploring body work such as flexibility and agility exercises, and times of play.

    Students learn life enhancing martial art skills.

    Warrior Kids is winning without causing defeat, teaching techniques of de-escalation and containment.


    Warrior Kids is child centred. The primary focus is on the needs of the individual and the group, and not on a particular form or style of martial art.

    Warrior Kids is not a fixed, paint by numbers programme. Each session is adaptable in order to address the presenting and often complex needs of the participants.


    For years the classes were large with many children attending, however Tim later limited numbers to ensure quality.


    Warrior Kids is also ongoing, offering further support and learning. Some families attend the programme for years, choosing to move on when they feel ready.



    After 28 years of service to the community Tim Tipene closed his Warrior Kids classes and programmes in May 2022. He continues to encourage children and teens to be Warrior Kids through his books.

    Warrior Kids Founder Tim Tipene

    NZ Women's Weekly, 2000

    Assistant Instructors

    Tim was assisted by his son, Taiyang, a Black Belt 3rd Dan, and daughter, Tahlia, a Black Belt 2nd Dan.

    High achievers, Taiyang and Tahlia studied Warrior Kids since the age of 4 and trained in the Warrior Teen class.

    'As a parent observing, I have learnt also,'

    - Warrior Kids Parent. 

    Warrior Kids is a Registered Trademark. All Rights Reserved.
  • Books

    Warrior Kids for home and school.

    All books written by Warrior Kids founder and award-winning author, Tim Tipene.

    Pipi and Pou and the Raging Mountain

    Pipi and Pou

    and the Raging Mountain.

    'Uncomplicated and wholesome with a 100% New Zealand flavour which is fabulous to have...They're going to be real classics, and it's just so exciting for NZ children to have these characters.' 

    - Joanna Ludbrook, Nine To Noon, RNZ


    'They're just what kiwi kids have been looking for!'
    - Adele Broadbent, whatbooknext.com

    Join Pipi and Pou in their new adventure series as they transform into a mighty eagle and a fierce taniwha in order to overcome dangers and save lives.


    Pipi and Pou are looking forward to a weekend of screen time but Nana has other ideas. The earth is shaking down south and Nana wants to find out why. Can Pipi and Pou stop the raging mountain carving a destructive path through the forest? And what if success means sharing their secret powers with strangers?


    OneTree House 2022.

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    Pipi and Pou and the River Monster

    Pipi and Pou

    and the River Monster.

    Pipi and Pou want to spend the day reading but Nana says they have to go up north - someone needs their help. Yet when they get there, instead of being greeted as heroes something attacks them! With danger coming from every direction, how can they work together so they can get out alive?


    OneTree House 2022


    White Moko

    (White Grandchild)

    'The most powerful book I have read for some time.'
    - Bob's Book Blog.

    'Now he, (Tim), has written a memoir, White Moko, subtitled Stories from my Life, which gives some of the personal background to common themes running through his work: dealing with violence and abuse, and fighting to achieve goals, such as gaining self-respect and a sense of purpose in life. All of this is a remarkable achievement. It becomes amazing when measured against his early life, described in White Moko. The very fact that Tim Tipene is alive today is amazing. Every event in his young life seemed to destine him for drugs, despair and suicide.' - Trevor Agnew, Magpies Magazine NZ


    OneTree House, 2020


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    Mrs Battleship

    Mrs Battleship is a collection for junior readers: vignettes from Tim's primary school years - both funny and sad, such as when he realised that not all children suffered as he did - a light-bulb moment for him. There were several teachers in his journey that championed him, who saw what was happening at home - and they made a life-changing difference. This is a collection about truth and triumph. It contains helplines and free teachers notes on One Tree House's website - making it a ground-breaking book for reading aloud and class discussion.


    One Tree House, 2019


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    Rona Moon

    'My picture book of the year,' - Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff. 

    No 1 on the top 10 books for kids at the Auckland Libraries. Dec/2020

    Listed as one of the 50 Best Kids’ Books by the NZ Listener, 2020.


    'Everything looks so small from up here,’ said Rona.
    I know,’ Whaea beamed. ‘Even the reasons we felt angry seem so little.’
    The beloved myth of Rona and the Moon comes to 21st-century Aotearoa in English and Māori in Tim Tipene’s sensitive telling, strikingly illustrated by Tai Tokerau artist Theresa Reihana.
    Rona Moon gets angry with everyone — her brother, her Nana and Papa — and then one night she calls the moon stupid! Taken to meet her ancestor Whaea Rona on the moon, she learns a lesson in how to control her temper.


    Oratia Books, 2020





    Bullies and Warriors

    First published as Warrior Kids in 2006.
    The novel depicts the reality of bullying - and strategies to address it - for children on both sides of the problem.
    Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him.
    Then the students join Warrior Kids, a program that teaches leadership and self control. So begins a journey for Mark and Sean that has a predictable outcome for one boy and a surprise for the other.
    Bullies and Warriors is suitable for ages 8 years and older.


    Oratia Books, 2012


    Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children

    The Warrior Kids Manual written by Tim Tipene features the complete ten sessions of the in-school program in a format that anyone can apply to their own work with young people. Bring Warrior Kids to your Community! Warrior Kids is a pioneering programme that for over 28 years has empowered thousands of children, many of them from challenged backgrounds. Focusing on bringing out the warrior within, the program draws upon Māori concepts of the warrior and Eastern martial arts in a non-aggressive way designed to instil confidence, respect and self-control.


    Oratia Books, 2011

    First edition published as The Warrior Kids Programme, 2002 by Families for NonViolence.


    Kura Toa Warrior School

    In this novel for young adults, Haki must confront his fears and find a way to answer the challenge to serve his people, to serve his land, to fight a Taniwha and, ultimately, to become a warrior. An imaginative expression of Tim Tipene's warrior philosophy. 


    First published 2004 by Reed Publishing. 

    Re-published 2009 by Oratia Books.


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    Hinemoa te toa

    (Hinemoa the warrior)

    Received two awards at the 2009 LIANZA Children's Book Awards: Te Tohu Pounamu mo te wahanga Kaiwhakamaori and Te Tohu Taurapa mo te whahanga Pukapuka Pikitia.

    Hinemoa was tough. 'I am a warrior,' she'd say, 'Hinemoa te toa - just like my ancestors.' Is there anything Hinemoa is afraid of. Illustrated by John Bennett. 


    Published 2008 by Scholastic New Zealand.

    See the site Store for the full range of Tim's books 

  • Tim Tipene

    Founder of Warrior Kids and Award-winning Author.

    Tim was adopted and raised in two cultures, NZ Maori and NZ European. 

    His tribal affiliations are Ngāti Kurī / Ngāti Whātua / Ngāti Pākehā


    A trained counsellor with a graduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Tim also holds multiple Black Belt Ranks and teaching titles in various Martial Arts.



    Watch Tim's Inspirational Story

    For Warrior Kids Tim received the following acknowledgements:

    • Kiwibank New Zealander of the year Local Hero Award in 2015 and 2016. 

    • NZ Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, 2013.


    Tim's Book Awards:

    Rona Moon

    Storylines Notable Te Reo Māori 2021.

    Māui - Sun Catcher

    Storylines Notable book 2017.

    Hinemoa te toa

    Received two awards at the 2009 LIANZA Children's Book Awards: Te Tohu Pounamu mo te wahanga Kaiwhakamaori and Te Tohu Taurapa mo te whahanga Pukapuka Pikitia.

    Haere, Farewell Jack, farewell

    Picture Book Honour Award at the 2006 New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children & Young Adults.
    Named one of the top New Zealand picture books by Waikato University, 2010.

    Taming the Taniwha 

    Selected for the White Ravens International Youth Library Catalogue as one of the world's top 250 children's books for 2002.
    Named one of the top New Zealand picture books by Waikato University, 2010.

    The Wooden Fish

    Storylines Notable book 2000.

    Tim teaching Warrior Kids in 1999.

    Photo from the NZ Herald.


    Watch Tim on TV3's The Project, 2019

    NZ North & South Magazine, 2011


    Listen to an in depth interview from Radio NZ 

    where Tim's discusses his latest book, 'White Moko'. 2020

    You can read about Tim's life in the following books.

    Available at all good book stores.

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