• In 1994 Tim Tipene founded Warrior Kids, a programme of Self Control and Social Skills for children and teenagers.

    For 28 years Tim ran the Warrior Kids programme and weekly classes in schools and communities, changing the lives of thousands of young people and their families.

    Tim Tipene Warrior Kids

    'You only need to look at my life, 

    where I've come from, the changes I've made, the accomplishments,

    and you can see the effectiveness of Warrior Kids.'

    - Tim Tipene

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  • The Warrior Kids Programme supports and empowers children, teens and their families with...,

    Self Control - Social Skills - Self Regulation - Assertiveness - Resilience - Mindfulness -

    Emotional Skills - Conflict Resolution - Self Protection - Martial Art Skills - Fun

    Focusing on bringing out the warrior within, Warrior Kids draws upon Māori warrior concepts and Eastern martial arts in a non-aggressive way designed to instil confidence, respect and self-control, leading students to become masters of their lives.

    Warrior Kids Tim Tipene

    The renowned child centered class where the focus is on personal development. Warrior Kids is a high impact, full on, non-stop adventure for children and teens, involving games and challenges where students become champions of life.

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    Students learn in a nurturing and therapeutic environment, while also being challenged. There are times of sharing and reflection, times of practicing breathing and mindfulness exercises, times of exploring body work such as flexibility and agility exercises, and times of play.

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    Students learn life enhancing martial art skills.

    Warrior Kids is winning without causing defeat, teaching techniques of de-escalation and containment.


    Warrior Kids is child centred. The primary focus is on the needs of the individual and the group, and not on a particular form or style of martial art.

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    Warrior Kids is not a fixed, paint by numbers programme. Each session is adaptable in order to address the presenting and often complex needs of the participants.


    For years the classes were large with many children attending, however Tim later limited numbers to ensure quality.


    Warrior Kids is also ongoing, offering further support and learning. Some families attend the programme for years, choosing to move on when they feel ready.



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    After 28 years of service to the community Tim Tipene closed his Warrior Kids classes and programmes in May 2022. He continues to encourage children and teens to be Warrior Kids through his books.

    Warrior Kids Founder Tim Tipene

    NZ Women's Weekly, 2000

    Assistant Instructors

    Tim was assisted by his son, Taiyang, a Black Belt 3rd Dan, and daughter, Tahlia, a Black Belt 2nd Dan.

    High achievers, Taiyang and Tahlia studied Warrior Kids since the age of 4 and trained in the Warrior Teen class.

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    'As a parent observing, I have learnt also,'

    - Warrior Kids Parent. 

    Warrior Kids
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